Get your Carpet Nottingham cleaned

We believe everyone should be able to have regularly cleaned, allergen-free carpeting in their home at an affordable price. If you believe this as well, then we’re the company for you. We are a locally owned Bakersfield service company and have been providing high-quality carpet cleaning , tile cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services to Bakersfield and it’s surrounding areas for over a decade.

Get your Carpet Nottingham cleaned with Carpet Nottingham’s premiere service company is at your service. Our professionally trained staff and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques have made us a local success. We provide a wide range of cleaning solutions to all our residential and commercial clients. We are passionate about this industry, and we think it shows in our work. Our commitment to the community shows in our work and through our customer reviews.


  • Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

We use state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line equipment and solutions to restore your Oriental rugs and Area rugs back to their original clean and healthy condition.

We provide FREE pickup and delivery of most oriental and area rugs.


    • Upholstery Cleaning and Restoration

Proper cleaning extends the life and preserves the beauty of your upholstered and leather furniture. Household upholstery cleaners may be effective in treating some spills, but they may not work on tough stains and may damage the upholstery or protective coatings applied by the manufacturer.

    • Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Truck-Mounted Unit: 

    • The carpet cleaning method most recommended by carpet manufacturers is to use ‘Hot Water Extraction’, which is sometimes called Steam Cleaning. Using our powerful truck-mounted cleaning unit, we’ll dig deep into your carpet fibers to extract dirt, dust mites, allergens and other bacteria that household scrubbing simply can’t handle. Hot water kills many types of bacteria on contact.


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