Scaffolding Hire Leeds

Installation and Hire of Domestic Scaffold in Leeds
At Scaffolding Leeds, our primary focus is to ensure your construction sites adhere to strict building regulations and current safety standards.
We achieve this by ensuring all our employees are appropriately qualified, are familiar with and understand OH&S obligations.
We are fully insured, and we service all of Leeds and extend to regional areas.

At Scaffolding Hire Leeds, all your scaffold requirements, including scaffold towers, platforms etc, we also supply rubbish chutes, Ginny wheels, debris netting, monarflex etc.

  • Free Estimates: Ring or email us with all your scaffold requirements. Include information about:
  • Purpose of scaffold – i.e. new builds, extensions, rebuilding, access to roof or soffit & fascia, painting access, chimney etc.
  • Requirements:
    Measurements, lifts, edge protection, chutes, Ginny wheels and the length of hire you require. Supply full site address, name and contact details, and one of our experienced estimators shall visit, ascertain cost and mail you a quotation – free of charge with no obligation.
  • Insurance Protection:
    Our public liability is a Contractors combined liability. Public and product Liability limit of indemnity is currently £5,000,000. Employers Liability limit of indemnity is currently £10,000,000.
  • Risk assessments:
    We supply, on confirmation of acceptance of quotation, full risk assessments. Method Statements We supply, on confirmation of acceptance of quotation, method statements.
  • Hoist Hire:
    We offer, in conjunction with the supply and erection of scaffold, the supply and hire of scaffold electric hoist. Delivered to site, erected and taken away on completion at competitive rates.
  • Other Scaffold requirements:
    We can supply you with debris netting, scaffold lights, rubbish chutes, Ginny wheels, monarflex. Permits: Our company will apply for scaffold street permits from the council if required as part of the contract.

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